Install Cisco VPN Client on Windows 10

Install Cisco VPN Client on Windows 10

This post is referring to the Cisco IPSec VPN Client that is still used by many businesses.  The Cisco VPN client has been out of support for some time and as a result a registry tweak was required to get it working on Windows 8 x64.  The fix is to remove the characters before “Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows” in the following key:


Install Cisco VPN Client on Windows 10









With Windows 10 x64 there’s a little more to it.  The 64-bit installer cannot modify the network settings required for DNE.   As a result of this we need to install the SonicWall VPN client which can modify this setting for us.  We dont actually use the SonicWall client, but by installing this it then allows us to use the Cisco VPN client later.  Carry on reading to see steps to follow.

Here are the steps to install Cisco IPsec VPN Client on Windows 10:

  1. Click here to download the SonicWall VPN 64-bit client.  (As mentioned above, this client is supported in Windows 8 and has the ability to modify the settings required for DNE in both Windows 8 and Windows 10.)
  2. Install the Cisco VPN Client
  3. Perform the Registry fix described above
  4. Restart your computer

You should now be able to connect the Cisco VPN Client without any problems.

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