What makes the perfect helpdesk ticketing software?

What makes the perfect helpdesk ticketing software?

What makes the perfect helpdesk ticketing software?

This is a topic that seems to be catapulted to the forefront of my mind each summer.  Largely due to the fact that i provide a lot of holiday cover for work colleagues, which results in me spending more time than normal in our current ticketing system.  The clunky nature of the system, with slow refreshes, static content and miserable looking dashboards almost brings me to tears come 5pm when i’ve been staring at it all day.  With that said, i thought i would define a list that, from my perspective, would highlight and explain the five necessary traits of the perfect helpdesk ticketing system!

  1. Web front end for technician access (preferably HTML5)
  2. Pretty reports!
  3. Mobile app
  4. Clean and minimalist self-service portal
  5. Easy peasy dashboard creation

Web front-end for technician access (preferably HTML5)

After using my employers weapon of choice for the past 4 years this is definitely ranked number one on my list!  To still be using a fat client to access an SQL data instantaneously feels like we’ve been dragged back into the dark ages.  It may only be a few seconds but that wait after clicking a button for the page to refresh seems like a lifetime when you spend 80% of your day in the same software.  With the availability of fluid width and responsive websites i see absolutely no benefit to having a client as apposed to to a web front end as the main method of accessing the technicians interface.  The current system has a web interface, but its more of a secondary thought or a backup to the client which to me is completely the wrong way around.

Pretty reports!

It may just be me, but the standard reports that come with any piece of software or SaaS solution these days seems to be somewhat dreary.  The software companies producing this type of software spend enough time researching what reports are required but fail to spend enough time on the visual aspect.  When i refer to “pretty” i mean visually pleasing graphs and charts that are easy to understand and follow… I should be able to hit the print button and pass the report straight to my boss instead of accompanying it with a 1500 word essay to explain the damn thing.

Mobile App

This is kind of a no-brainer in this day and age.  The exponential growth of mobile app development and mobile app usage speaks volumes.  People want to do things on the go.  I expect to have access to the same functions and be able to complete tasks in an easy way directly from a mobile app.

Clean and Minimalist Self-Service Portal

We all know what users are like.  The slightest thing can throw their train of thought!  The self-service portal should be clean, using as few colours as possible, as precise information as possible and it should be presented in an easy to follow style.

Easy Peasy Dashboard Creation

I regularly want a different view on things depending on whats happening out in the field.   If we have a known Exchange issue then i want to be able to modify my dashboard to highlight the number of tickets created that are linked to the exchange issue.  I don’t want to take a course in C+ or Crystal Reports to be able to modify a damn dashboard.  This should be drag and drop.  The widgets should be pre-built and easy to select from a list along with the data that the widget should display.  I’m not asking for much there am i?

I’m pretty sure there are a few solutions out there that fit the bill for my requirements.  Its just unfortunately not the current incumbent!

If you have any recommendations for a perfect helpdesk ticketing software that has the above characteristics then please do post a comment.